interior painting services quincy ma

Replace Faded Paint With Vibrant Colors

Refresh your walls in the Quincy, MA area with our interior painting services

Maybe your bright yellow kitchen walls have turned dull. Maybe the muted color scheme in your office isn't what you want anymore. When you're bored with your paint, it's time for house painters to add a new coat.

You can get excellent interior painting services from 3rd Hand Cleaning & Painting in Quincy, MA and surrounding areas. We'll paint any wall under 14 feet tall in your current home or new construction house. Count on us to prepare by:

Removing furniture from the area
Covering your floor to prevent staining
Performing minor wall repairs if needed

Then, we'll apply high-quality paint to your walls. Reach out to us today by calling 857-939-3175 to plan a careful paint job for your space.

Trust us to leave your home cleaner than before

Some house painters might leave a mess behind, but not us. Because we provide both interior painting services and house cleaning services, we're fully equipped to clean your space after we're done painting. Hire us right away to make your space look its best yet.